Felucca Boats on the Nile


By Bec


Taking a small boat ride on the Nile can be a refreshing way to see the beautiful shores of Cairo without the hassle of walking or driving through the city. These boats come in many different form and sizes ranging from a relaxing small sail felucca to larger party boats. The sail feluccas are operated purely by wind and have a basic fit-out with comfortable cushion seating. They´re great for unwinding in the evening or at sunset. Bring some drinks and nibbles with you and take in the views of the city with a breeze on your face. These rides are usually relaxing, especially when you close your eyes and listen to the distant buzz of Cairo´s traffic that you´ve escaped. But if the wind is haphazard you can find your self on an adventurous ride that involves you helping the driver push the boat off the banks and back on track.


The larger feluccas can accommodate up to 40 people and are a great venue for birthdays or other events if you cant host your guests in your tiny apartment. These boats are often decorated in tacky fluorescent fairy lights and contain music sound systems that can be heard from the pyramids. They´re engine powered – therefore you have more control over how fast and where you go.


We often take the sail feluccas from the dock on the banks of the Nile opposite the Four Seasons Hotel in Garden City (see picture above). We find that the larger feluccas are more readily available from the dock opposite McDonalds off Abou el Feda in Zamalek. There are many other options along the Nile, for example in Maadi opposite Fusion and TGI Fridays.




Cost :

Small Sail Boats 60-80Le per hour for the whole boat

Big Motor Boats 80-100Le per hour for the whole boat


Can I bring my own food?: Yes

Can I bring my own alcohol?: In most cases


Google Maps Pin:

Garden City Sail Boats

Zamalek Motor Boats

Maadi Boats

Afternoon ride on motor driven felucca before the fluorescent fairy lights comes on