Billiard Hall, Ramses Hilton Shopping Galleria


June 2015



The Hilton Billiard Hall is the perfect hangout for an after-work beer and a game of billiard with your friends.


In contrast to Cairo's other small billiard halls scattered around the city, the Ramses Hilton Billiard Hall by Tahrir has a calm and professional atmosphere, clean and well-kept tables and a surprisingly good selection of food delivered from the various hotel restaurants. And most importantly, the Hilton Billiard Hall offers you the possibility to enjoy a good game of billiard together with a cold beer, or what ever you fancy from the wide-ranging menu provided by the Hilton bar.


Even though the prices of food and drinks are 'Hilton prices', renting a table is only an affordable 20 le per hour, which makes this your perfect new hobby.



The place is fairly easy to find, it is situated in the shopping mall opposite the main entrance of Hilton Ramses on the 7th floor in the mall next to the cinema. it re-opened recently and the friendly staff is very eager to make you feel comfortable and promote their re-opening. The walls are newly painted in funky colours and the tables and equipment is clean and functional.


The place also has a small arcade game section, where only a few of the machines seems to work though.





Price: 20 le/table per hour

Opening hours: 3pm to 11pm


Address: Rames Hilton Shopping Galleria 7th floor, Across the street from the hotel's main entrance, Downtown

Google Maps Pin: Ramses Hilton Shopping Galleria


Phone: +20223946902