IMAX Cinema


May 2015


Americana plaza at 6th of October City is a nice little open mall with many well-known restaurants such as Taboula, Casper and Gambini's, and several international restaurants, including TGI Friday's. The plaza has small well-kept green areas with benches where people sit and enjoy their take-away latte or Baskin & Robbins ice cream.


The IMAX cinema is clean and equiped with the latest technology and shows the latest blockbuster films. The air-conditioning usually makes the cinema nice and cool, but bring a cardigan so you don't end up freezing.


The IMAX cinema shows both 3D and non-3D movies and tickets can be reserved online (pick up 45 min in advance) or paid via Fawry.


Sweet Cairo enjoys going to the plaza a little earlier to grab a bite to eat before the show making for an enjoyable evening out of the centre of Cairo.


If you don't own a car or have a friend who does try to ensure you organise a taxi for a return trip. While Uber is useful for this situation there ren't always cars available.


If 6th of October is a little too far, you can also find cinemas Downtown (not as good though). Galaxy Cinema at the Manial Island, Ramses Cinema on the top floor of the Ramses Hilton Mall andthe small Odeon Cinema near the High Court.



Ticket price : Evening 75 LE (10LE extra charge for 3D glasses)


Address: Americana Plaza, Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October, Giza Governorate

Phone: 01020020033


Google Maps Pin: Americana Plaza