Townhouse Gallery & Sawa Gift Shop


By Bec


The Townhouse Gallery is a contemporary art space inconspicuously located at the cross-road of two laneways in Cairo’s car mechanics’ district in Downtown. It’s used for exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, conferences, theatre training, workshops, educational programs, visual arts studios for artists and other activities. Subscribe to the newsletter or check the event page to find out what’s on, or casually walk in and look around. The affiliated Sawa Gift Store and coffee shop that spills out onto the laneway make the visit to Townhouse all the more worthwhile.


Townhouse Gallery is a non-profit organisation, supporting artistic work, programs and exhibitions for local and internationally-recognised artists, as well as emerging talents. Its ‘outreach programs’ have grown and over 1,000 people from marginalised communities or refugees take part in the ‘SAWA’ program (meaning “together” in Arabic). In addition, the second floor of the Townhouse contains a library and where books, journals, and other publications related to the arts and Egyptian history are kept.


As the name implies, the building looks like a residential townhouse from laneway. It’s an open, friendly communal space that everyone should check out at least once or twice.


After viewing the space, visit the Sawa Gift Shop directly opposite it which exhibits and sells books, homewares, jewellery, art and crafts and other creative things. Adjacent to the gift shop is a coffee shop, where you’ll often find customers sipping on tea and playing cards on the tables amongst the bustle of foot-traffic along the laneway.



Cost per person: No entry fee


Address: 10 Nabrawy Street (off Champollion Street) Downtown


Phone: +2 02 2576 8086






Opening hours: Public Hours: Sat - Wed, 12 - 9 pm (Fri 6 - 9 pm)


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