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We’re two expats who for months have been exploring our new home town, Cairo. As the list of night-spots, restaurants and swimming holes grew longer we were inspired to create this website. The purpose of Sweet Cairo is to share with you our thoughts and practical information on our favourite places here.


We’ve had a lot of fun exploring Cairo since the day we moved here but it’s not an easy task finding the sweet spots in this city. There’s not a lot of information out there, and most places don’t have websites or even an exact address. At Sweet Cairo, we solve this problem by providing a link to a Google Maps pin under each review, which should guide you safely to these favourite places of ours.


A lot of the places we like to visit are in the inner-city, but look out for new places as we expand our horizons. The reviews are purely based on our opinions, with the exception of the articles by our guest reviewers. We hope you enjoy it.




FYI: Sweet Cairo does not inform the restaurants that we visit about our intentions of writing a review and we do under no circumstances accept any special treatment or free food as we are perfectly capable of paying for our own dinners. If we recommend a restaurant it is because we genuinely like the place and want to share our excitement with others.


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Jasmina, Denmark

Founder of Sweet Cairo

Economist living in Zamalek since January 2014. She likes garden cafés, infinity pools and rooftop views in combination with a well-made Gin & Tonic. Jasmina is a frequent guest at Makino and the Marriott Garden.

Follow Jasmina on Instagram: Jasminacairo

Bec, Australia

Founder of Sweet Cairo

Urban planner who´s settled in Zamalek after years of travelling back and forward between Australia and Egypt. Bec likes restaurants with a vegetarian flavour, places with good alternatives to beer, and bars with a good dance floor.

Follow Bec on Intagram: becwardle

Josh, Australia

Guest reviewer for Sweet Cairo

Urban planner living in Cairo for years. Likes Indian food, Zooba and restaurants with decent service. Josh doesn´t like places with bad service, or places with no service at all. He also likes Sakkara beer and the night club Vent.

Joel, UK

Guest reviewer for Sweet Cairo

When Joel is not writing guest reviews for Sweet Cairo he is a very serious freelance journalist based in Cairo. Joel has, in the three years he's been living in Cairo, developed a great knowledge of Downtown places with cheap beers and restaurants that serve pork.

Follow Joel on Twitter @jgulhane

Rachel, New Zealand

Guest reviewer for Sweet Cairo

Rachel lives in Cairo and works as a journalist for a Lebanese based business publication. Sometimes she also travels to Som'oil'iland to write about oil and other fun things. Rachel likes to explore the Middle Eastern and African cuisine in the small authentic restaurnats around Cairo and recreate the fantastic dishes at home.

Follow Rachel on Twitter @rwilliamson_

Alex, Australia

Guest reviewer for Sweet Cairo

Alex lives in Cairo and works as a journalist for an Australian business publication. He has previously lived in New York and has brought his passion for American dining to Cairo, often providing expert analysis on Cairene burgers. As well as his day job, Alex is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Follow Alex on Twitter @aliddingtoncox