Bull’s Eye, Karaoke Nights in Mohandeseen


By Jasmina


Visiting Bull’s Eye on a Wednesday for ‘karaoke night’ will change your perception on Egyptian nightlife forever. When I was first invited to Karaoke at Bull’s Eye by my new Cairo friends about a year ago I expected that it would be somewhat similar to most European karaoke places: a provincial bar with a few drunken tourists who never found the fancy nightclub they were looking for.


But boy I was wrong.


Maybe it’s the atmosphere and the friendly staff led by Mr. Mohsen or simply the novelty of how nothing will probably ever change, or maybe the combination of good service and consistency that is both rare phenomena in Cairo. The clientele is more or less the same every week, and every week each golden character will perform his or her favourite song. My personal favourite is the neatly dressed gentleman ‘Louis’, who through many years of practice and ‘Red Label’ imitates Louis Armstrong’s calm and rusty voice to perfection.


The interior of the small bar resembles pretty much any British pub or Canadian Lodge that you could find anywhere in the world with its dark timber walls decorated with a collection of smoking pipes, a darts corner and dusty low-hanging red lamps.


Not only will you witness top-class performance of the world’s most epic and old school karaoke songs, the DJ in charge of the karaoke system will also allow breaks in the karaoke performances for some good old dance tunes that instantly fills up the dance floor with people of all ages. The DJ will most likely also perform his rendition of Cheb Khaled’s Aïsha and the regulars will inevitably sing Hotel California, Wonderful World and My Way.

Both the average age of the clientele and the standard of singing is too high for us but Mr. Mohsen lets us return week after week... although the DJ will cut you off gently (maybe half way or 3/4 of the way through) if you're vocal chords aren't warmed up properly that night.


Before romanticising this place into the clouds bear in mind that you might need to come here frequently to appreciate its charm, and you might find a corner full of loud young people who insists on performing three Beyoncé songs in a row. That group will be us.


Tip: Book a table in advance, the place is small and very popular on Wednesdays.


Info: This place is of course also open other days than Wednesdays, but no karaoke though.



Entrance Fee: Free

Meal prices: $$ (Bar food and snacks)

Drink prices: $$

Shisha: no shisha


Address: ‎ 32 Jeddah St. Mohandeseen,Giza

Google Maps pin: Bull's Eye

Phone: +201006514266


Web page: www.bullseyepub.com




Mr. Mohsen (to the left) and some of the friendly staff members