Cairo Cellar


March 2015


In the basement by the entrance to President Hotel in Zamalek you will find a little bar where time have been standing still for the last 30 years. The smell of cigarettes mixed with the classic brown pub interior and the old liquor bottles that decorate the walls from one end to the other, work well with the neatly dressed 60-plus-year-old clientele (who all look like they´ve had the same table reservation every night for the last 30 years).


The bar has a well-assorted foreign liquor menu, including foreign wine, and the food menu is decent enough on a Monday, which includes a wide variety of both small mezzes and different main courses.


When you finally manage to get through to one of the waiters, who you will find chatting in the bar with the regulars, you will discover that the service is actually quite friendly and that most of the staff speak English perfectly. Cairo Cellar also has a big TV screen where they sometimes show football (mainly the Egyptian league - I doubt that a foreigner´s request will be taken seriously). Cairo Cellar is a rare little piece of old Cairo, especially for Zamalek.


Tip: If you have any hopes of getting a table in the weekend you better book a couple of days in advance.


Another tip: While you are here you might as well visit the cocktail bar D’O next door at the 'New' President Hotel.