Carlton Hotel Bar, Downtown



August 2015, by Jasmina


The view from the rooftop bar of the Carlton Hotel makes Downtown Cairo look calm and romantic and the cheap beers (15le) will make sure you leave happy, tipsy and not too broke.


The interior of the Carlton Hotel will transport you back in time to 1935 when the hotel first opened. Like many of Downtowns hotels (like the Windsor) there is an undeniable colonial feel as one emerges from the elevator on the top floor. From the top floor, you walk out onto the large terrace overlooking the High Court on 26 July Street, which is just a short walk from Nasser Metro station.


The kitchen offers a selection of grilled dishes sandwiches and mezzas, which are all reasonably priced. Take for example the mezza section where you can get Baba ganoug for 5LE, Tomato &Cheese dip for 8LE or a small Green salad for 5LE. There is a large open grill on the rooftop but it is usually only operating late weekend evening when the rooftop bar has most visitors. The quality of the food varies, but a safe bet is to go for the grilled chicken (37LE) that usually lives up to the expecrations.


The large TV on the roof terrace is usually showing flashy Arab music videos and occationally larger sports events, which some might find be a bit disturbing if you come for the panoramic city view. The bar serves shishas, where you can either go for the oriental shisha (10LE) or the fruit flavored varieties (20LE).




Opening hours: 6pm to midnight

Drink prices: Beer 15LE, Wine 23LE/glass

Meal prices: Mezzas 4-10LE, Sandwiches 15-30 LE

Shisha prices: Oriental 10LE, Fruit flavoured 20LE


Address: ‎ 21, 26th of July St., Downtown, Cairo

Phone: +202 5755181, +202 5755232, +202 5755022


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View to the High Court