Happy City Rooftop Bar, Downtown


September 2015



The rooftop of Happy City Hotel in Downtown Cairo is a nice breezy alternative to the classic downtown bars such as Horreya or the Windsor. The atmosphere is relaxed and if you come early you might catch a glimpse of the sun going down behind the old downtown buildings. The clientele include both expats coming straight from work in their suits and local girls gossiping over a shisha or a beer usually served in chilled glasses.


The staff is friendly and all tables receive a complimentary selection of small snacks, vegetables and dips. Prices are very reasonable with 20LE for a beer and 15LE for shisha including tax and service. The place has a very modest minimum charge of 25LE per person, which makes Rooftop, Zamalek's equivalent, look fairly pricey with its 60LE minimum charge.


We haven’t tried the food there and probably never will, but for the brave ones with a tough stomach the BBQ is usually on from around 9pm and it smells delicious.


The place can be quite busy on weekend nights, but it is usually possible to find a table in one of the many corners of the bar, which streches all around the kitchen placed in the center of the rooftop. Happy City is for people living Downtown what Rooftop is for the Zamalek crowd or Tonsy is for the residents of Dokki. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a cheap beer in relaxed surroundings Downtown.


Opening hours: 6pm to 3am

Minimum charge 25LE

Drink prices: Beer 20LE, including tax

Shisha prices: 15LE


Address: ‎ 92C Mohamed Farid Street, Abdeen, Downtown Cairo

Phone: 023959333, 023959777, 023959222

Web: carltonhotelcairo.com

Google Maps Pin: Happy City Hotel

Chilled beer glasses