Nacelle Events in Cairo


By Bec


Nacelle’s parties in Cairo have lured us in and kept us hooked by hosting less-mainstream deep house and techno gigs in different venues across the city. It attracts a large, more casually-dressed and music-loving crowd. But Nacelle is like an elusive lover – the parties disappear for months and return with a bang when they feel like entertaining us again with DJs on the Nile Pharaoh Boat on Fridays. It generally costs between 150-250 LE to enter, but depending on the venue, night and line-up, entry can be higher.


Nacelle has been around for a while, and the most recent location of their events was The Temple nightclub on the Nile Pharaoh Boat, opposite the Four Seasons Hotel on the Giza Corniche. On the outside, the club is adorned with mimics of ancient Egyptian relics including a tacky gold tomb. But inside, the club is an open, unpretentious, basic fit-out and well-ventilated space. It’s fairly easy to get drinks at the large bar in the middle of the room even on busy nights, and the spacious dance floor allows for energetic boogying.


The organisers have tried to create a European-standard deep house and techno club with a laidback atmosphere. There’s no strict dress code, no staff giving you a hard time, no pesky photographers snapping pictures and flaunting them on websites, and no elaborate entertainment acts. With the exception of Nacelle’s occasional big, showy events, it’s generally just about good music and a content crowd. The dance floor is full all night, right up until the lights come on at 3am. For those with stamina they often host after-parties until the following afternoon.


The music is generally a mix of electronic, techno, deep house, funk music, plus more. The organizers have hosted big names such as Alex Niggerman, Pavlov Stelar, DJ Ashibah, Aki Bergen and Crazy P, as well as local DJs like Aly B, Tito, DJ Nitrane and Deeb.


The crowd is a little more laidback and open-minded in comparison to other big nightclubs and parties. You feel at ease amongst the large collection of amicable strangers bopping to less mainstream music.


To find out about Nacelle’s upcoming events check their Facebook page. Reservations are a MUST if you want to get in. To secure your entry, text the venue’s mobile number: 0105149503. Keep in mind they generally won’t admit groups of single men.



Entrance Fee: 200-250 LE generally, or more for special events


Drink prices: 30-40 LE Beer, 80-150 LE mixers


Address: ‎ The Golden Pharaoh, 138 El Nile St, Oula, Giza (next to TGI Fridays)


Google Maps pin: The Golden Pharaoh Boat


Phone: 0105149503


Web page: