Virginian, Muqattam


September 2015


The most fantastic sunset view over Cairo has got to be from the terrace of the Virginian. You might have heard about the Virginian from tales of locals or travellers, but do you know how to get there? Sweet Cairo does (Google maps pin). The Virginian is one of the most spectacular spots in Cairo purely because of the epic location that puts you in first row for a pink and violet sundown over Cairo's skyline. The quiet spot on the hills of Muqattam makes you want to lean back for a moment, enjoy the view and the silence with a sip of cold beer and a well prepared shisha by your side.


On a clear day you might be able to see the pyramids in the horizon, and on not so clear days you get to see the interesting phenomenon of smog sundown, which is when the pollution over the city is so thick that it looks like the sun is going down a fair bit over the actual horizon.


The place allegedly serves food, even though the waiters seem to do

everything they can to avoid providing you with a food menu. Trusted sources have told us about their experience with ordering a plate of French fries, which was presented to them refrigerator cold and when they asked for hot fries, the waiter gave the plate of fries a spin in the microwave. On the brighter side, the Virginian usually don't mind if you bring your own food or snacks, as long as you remember to tip the waiter. Moreover the Virginian serve cold beers for around 20LE and the service is attentive and quick. Sweet Cairo has decided not to care too much about the low food quality as we much rather want to look at the Virginian as an excellent bar than a terrible restaurant.


The colourful lamps and the faded big-band stage are reminiscent the time the Virginian was a fancy nightclub and hangout for the upper echelons of 1950s society. The place has allegedly been owned by the same family for decades, but whether if its about money or will, they seem to only just be keeping it alive. The place is at times used for weddings, which only adds a romantic flavour to your sunset beer.


Tip: Make sure to pee before you visit the Virginian, the toilets are more than averagely nasty.



Meal prices: $

Drink prices: Beer 20 Le

Shisha: Yes


Address: Al Ahram, Al Abageyah, Qism El-Khalifa, Cairo

Phone: unknown


Google maps pin: Virginian

The entrance to the Virginian