February 2015


One hours drive from Sharm el Sheik airport you will find this little unspoiled city by the coast, which for many years have been a secret pearl for divers and surfers. Today Dahab has a wide variety of holiday options for both backpackers and luxury resort tourists.


Around Dahab you will find plenty of diving opportunities, both for the advanced scuba diver and for casual snorkelling. 'The Blue Hole' is one of Dahabs finest diving attractions and is pretty much as the name describes a giant deep hole, which contains a beautiful coral reef. Dahab also offers horseback riding along the beach, quad bike safari in the desert (150 LE two hours), and glass bottom boat rides to coral reefs off the shore. But most of all, Dahab offers the perfect scenery for some serious relaxing, good seafood and nightlife.


The atmosphere in the beach promenade is relaxed and the restaurants along the coast all display piles of delicious fresh seafood to catch your attention. At night the restaurants turns up the music and becomes a great place to relax, drink tea and smoke some shisha while listening to the waves rolling back and forth. Some of the restaurants serves alcohol, and a couple of those who doesn’t will let you bring your own beers from the kiosk.


Dahab is not a very big place and almost everything is within walking distance. However, if you want to get to places a bit faster then renting a bicycle is great way to get around. It is also possible to rent motorbikes or scooters. My personal recommendation would be to head to Safari One in Mashraba, found next to the New Sphinx Hotel. You will find Mo or Ahmed there who can help you out with renting motorbikes, scooters or bicycles. It costs EGP 350 to rent a motorbike for a day, EGP 180 for a scooter, and EGP 50 for a bicycle.


It is also possible to visit the isolated Bedouin village of Ras Abu Galloum. A two-hour walk along the coast from the Blue Hole will take you to the village. It is also possible to go by camel. The walk in itself is very enjoyable and once you reach the village you can lie back in a hut and enjoy the silence. There is not much to do in Abu Galloum but the peaceful atmosphere will help melt all your troubles away. Take snorkels, because there are some great reefs to see and on occasion the sea turtles will make an appearance. You can stay for the day or you can stay the night under the stars. Take some food and drinks with you to see you through. The Bedouins will cook you a meal if you ask but you will be charged for it. I highly recommend visiting Ras Abu Galloum; it’s a unique and unspoilt part of the world with a charm rarely found elsewhere in Egypt.




Flight from Cairo to Sharm: Aprox. 400 Le one way (1 hour)

Transport in car from Sharm to Dahab: 200 Le one way per car (1h30)


Accomondation: Hostels can be booked very cheap, but luxury resorts are also easy to find. I have stayed at Alaska Hotel twice and like the central location and decent but small rooms (120 Le for a double room).


Map: ‎ Dahab