Safir Hotel Pool


By Bec


For anyone hanging out in the bustling streets of inner-city Cairo who are in need of a refreshing dip, the Safir Hotel Pool is conveniently located in the neighbourhood of El-Dokki, directly across the Nile from Downtown Cairo.


Pools are a rare commodity outside of the tourist hot spots in this city, so the Safir Pool is a treasured amenity for us. This rooftop pool is tightly enclosed by densely built residential towers, and its blue water, plants, lounges and sunny-coloured tiles provide a stark contrast to the surrounding brown concrete.


Despite the space being small, there are plenty of sun lounges, towels and umbrellas readily available and crowds are infrequent, even during the summer months (June, July and August). Generally, the pool is used by hotel guests and small groups.


The Safir Pool offers a decent range of snacks, meals and beverages, and beers are served in icebuckets if you ask for it. The day-pass also includes access to the gym! Another health and fitness option available is the randomly placed fitness bike in the corner of the pool area under a sun umbrella.




Cost per person: 120 LE for non-hotel guests day-pas including pool towel

Meal prices: chicken shawerma for 38 LE , other meals are more expensive

Drink prices: 30-35 EGP

Open: 8am - sunset everyday


Address: ‎ El Missaha Square, Dokki, Cairo

Phone: +202 3748 2424





The rooms have a nice view to the pool