Grand Nile Tower Hotel, Manial Island


August 2015


The former Grand Hyatt Hotel on the Northern tip of the Manial Island (just off the Corniche by Garden City) has a not very well know pool with a fantistic nile view. It is conveniently located close to central Cairo (15 min in a taxi from Zamalek) and the price is slightly cheaper compared to other central hotel pools such as the Interncontinential and Sofitel. For arounc 810 Le you will get a private cabin for the day (10am-6pm) at the pool side that can be used by up to 3 people.


The pool is usually not overcrowded and the dressing-room is large and beautiful and has a calm spa atmosphere to it.


There is unfortunately no alcohol. Rumors circulate that the hotel was bought by Saudis who threw all bottles in the Nile to avoid making profits from alcohol sales, and that the Grand Hyatt would not have their brand on a 'dry' hotel, which made the hotel change name to Grand Nile Tower Hotel in 2011.





Pool day-pas including towel: 300Le/person

Day-use (10am-6pm) pool side cabin including towels: 810Le for up to 3 people (270Le/person)


Meal prices: $$

Drink prices: $$ (no alcohol)

Pool opening hours: 7am to 9pm


Address: ‎ off the Corniche by Garden city on the tip of the Manial Island, Egypt

Phone: +20 2 2365 1234



Google Maps Pin: Grand Nile Tower