Sofitel Gezirah Hotel Pool, South Zamalek


September 2015, By Jasmina


The infinity pool at the Sofitel is probably the most fabulous pool in Cairo. Despite its small size, the pool has an absolutely stunning view over the Nile from the southern tip of Zamalek. The pool is perfectly situated, with the rays of the sun reaching the poolside throughout the day; a rare occurrence in the middle of Cairo. The staff is very professional and polite, and all instructed to greet you in French (cute or tacky - you decide).


A day by the pool is a great idea for a gift for someone special, the Sofitel pool gives you the feeling of ultimate luxury and relaxation.


Unfortunately, this might be the most expensive pool in Cairo for day-use. 600LE does not include access to the jacuzzi (+100LE extra), but fear not there is a lot to save if you are planning to use the pool frequently. A card with 10 visits costs 3000LE (300LE per visit) and if you are a couple, and go together, you can get a card with 10 visits for 5000LE (250LE per person per visit). The cards are called Bronze membership and include access to the gym and the jacuzzi.


The bartenders usually know what they are doing, so while you are there you might as well throw down 110LE for a Mojito. Alternatively, you can get a beer for 61LE or a fresh juice cocktail 43-55LE. The kitchen serves tasty salads, mezzas, pizzas, sandwiches and pasta dishes from around 70LE to 110LE. After a day by the pool, you should check out the Moroccan restaurant La Palmeraie (with an excellent foreign wine selection) where you can enjoy a great dinner at the bank of the Nile.





Day-pass: 600LE incl. towel and access to gym (+100LE for jacuzzi)

10 visits single: 3000LE incl towel, gym and jacuzzi

10 visits couple: 5000LE incl. towel, gym and jacuzzi


Meal prices: Salads 85.5LE, Pizza 80LE, Burger 116LE (incl. tax)

Drink prices: Mojito 110LE , Beer 61 LE, Fresh juice 43 LE (incl. tax)


Address: ‎ 3 Street Maglas Kiadat El Thawrah, El Gezirah Island, Cairo

Phone: +202 27398293, +202 27373737


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