Aperitivo, La Bodega


Updated November 2015


The Italian sister restaurant to the legendary La Bodega bistro that closed in 2014, is still thriving and, in addition to their tasty Italian food meny, Aperitivo offers a solid cocktail menu from two bars in each end of the establishment. In weekends the place is packed with people using Aperitivo, just as much as a up-scale Italian restaurant as a fancy cocktail bar. At night people dress glamorously and the volume is high from old school tunes and laughter. It boasts a long list of cocktails, wine, beer and spirits that are fairly cheap for this kind of establishment.


In contrast to the fancy surroundings the food is rustic and gives the dining experience a homely feel. They serve delicious pasta dishes such as the homemade pasta sheets in a light cream sauce lopped with black truffles (90 LE), the procini mushroom risotto with red wine (75 LE) and penne with shrimps, calamari mussels and clams, cherry tomato, and pecorino cheese (125 LE).


There's also soups, salads, antipasti, meat and seafood dishes, but we recommend sticking to the pasta dishes - this is what they're best at and the pasta is the best value for money at Aperitivo. Plus, the main courses are pricey. The meat dishes range between 90 and 230 LE and the fish dishes are between 85 and 320 LE. The cocktail menu is long and the bartenders and waiters surely know what they're doing. You have about 20 different cocktails to choose from, all experly made, for 55-60 LE. The place has two bars, one at each end of the premises. We had Peach Daiquiri and classic Dry Martini cocktails (55 LE) to go with our starters, which met our expectations fully.


The premises seems like it was once an extravagant apartment. The many rooms with different styles and decorations makes it an interesting place to eat no matter what corner you're seated in and with the comfy red velvet chairs you are easily persuaded to stay for an extra round of drinks after a filling portion of risotto. You get the impression that everyone who comes here seems to know of each other and the waiters greets the guests with a familiar welcome. The restaurant's clientele are generally dressed nicely and the place often hosts birthday parties or other celebrations in the adjacent private dining rooms.


Aperitivo is not easy to find, even f you have been there before. It is situated on the first floor of a building on 26th of July, the entrance is to the right of the Cilantro coffee bar. The builing is the same blok where you find Maison thomas and Drinkies. You will not find any signs or directions on the outside of the building but use the google maps pin below to get an idea of there it is.




Min charge per person:

Meal prices: $$$

Drink prices: $$ (Beer 28 LE, Cocktails 55 LE)


Address: ‎ 157, 26th of July Street, Zamalek, 1st floor

Phone: +202 27350543


Web page: labodegaegypt.com

Google Maps Pin: Aperitivo