Left Bank


January 2015


The Left Bank café next to Sequoia and Mirai is a go-to place, particularly for breakfast and lunch. The reason it's so damn popular is probably because there isn't really anything bad to say about Left Bank, and usually everyone can agree to meet here. The view is nice, the service is fair (especially after Blackstone closed down in july 2015 and all the staff went to work at Left Bank) and the food is okay, but bland. They make some nice fresh fruit juices and smoothies though and it is one of the few places that serves a good earl grey (27LE) from loose tea in a teapot that even comes with a small candle stand to keep the tea hot.


A lot of people enjoy bringing their work to Left Bank as it offers free wifi, many plugs and a realtively calm atmosphere.


Left Bank attracts a broad variety of people. On the sofas at the back you'll find the AUC study groups, at the tables by the water you'll see smart egyptian families in Polo shirts and Prada glasses and sometimes you'll see courting couples holding hands over a cappucino. Left Bank is also frequently used for business meetings and sunset cocktails.


The astonishing Nile view also deserves a mention, and the isolated location on the northern tip of zamalek can almost make you forget that you are in the center of a city with 20 million people.


Left Bank also has its own bakery where they make some fairly decent french cakes such as macaroons, éclairs and fruit tarts.



Address: 53 Abou El Feda,. Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.


Phone: +202 27350014


Web Page: leftbankonline.com


Google Maps Pin: Left Bank (next to Sequoia)


Meal prices: $$


Drink prices: $$


Left Bank has its own bakery