The Garden Café at the Marriott, Zamalek


Last updated September 2015



The café in the garden of the Marriott Hotel is one of our favourite places to go for dinner or sit and relax with a book in the sun. The atmosphere is calm, the service is friendly, and if you close your eyes and listen to the rare sound of sparrows chirping it's almost like being out of Cairo for a second, as the garden is so well isolated from the noise of the streets.


The garden is widely used by business people for lunch meetings and the free outdoor wifi makes the garden a perfect spot for getting some work done yourself, while enjoying a glass of wine.


Parts of the garden overlook the pool which is also worth a visit if you are willing to pay 380 LE. However, other hotel pools around Zamalek are better. We'd recommend taking your 380 LE to the Sofitel down the road, which is about the same price but with an infinity pool that has spectacular views over the Nile.


In the ‘Arabian Nights’ section of the garden you can have shisha and shawarma, and sometimes you might even find some sort of entertainment or live music.


The original part of the Marriott Hotel building dates back to 1869, when Khedive Ismail, the ruler at the time, ordered it to be constructed to host the French Empress Eugénie who was invited along with her husband the French Emperor Napoleon III. It's been repainted and has two colossal hotel buildings flanking it, but it's still beautiful.


In the summer period the garden can become a bit too hot during the day, but still serves as a great place for afternoon and evening drinks.



Address: Cairo Marriott Hotel, 16 Saray El Gezira St. Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.


Phone: + 202 2728 3000




Google Maps Pin: Marriott Zamalek


Meal prices: $$$


Drink prices: $$$


A relaxing spot in the garden