Ney Lounge, Zamalek


January 2015


Ney Lounge is a nice, quiet spot to bring your laptop for some courtyard working if you need a break from Left Bank and the Marriott Garden. When you first see the entrance of Ney Lounge, with its majestic pillars, fountain of water and blue spotlights, you may think you’ve come to a nightclub or a fancy spa instead of a café. But entering the big glass doors and walking past the cabinet of eye-catching deserts, you come into an open outdoor area with comfortable sofas and tables. It has free Wi-Fi and, if you fight for it, you might even get a table by a power plug.


At night time the place is visited by smart young Egyptians, who come there to have a good time with their friends and smoke fruit flavoured shisha and watch the sports matches on the large outdoor TV screens.


The food menu includes the usual salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes you find in most western-inspired Egyptian restaurants. Ask for the seperate mezza menu with many tasty mezza options. They are around 20 Le each and the portions are fairly big. The place is stylishly decorated with a simple and minimalistic finish that you don't see a lot in Egypt. They have recently installed a retractable roof that works as a giant shade-system, which means that you can use the garden even on a hot Egyptian summer day.


Ney Lounge has the potential to be many things. It seems to be a combination of a stylish garden bakery, a nightclub and a sports bar and at the same time neither of that. Eventhough it might not be easy to entirely grasp the concept, Sweet Cairo thinks that Ney Lounge works perfectly as a quiet outdoor daytime working space, but less as the stylish evening lounge they are trying to be. The Ney Lounge does currently not have an alcohol license, but rumours has it that the management is trying to get one. Nonetheless, this place is doing a great efford and it is definitely worth a visit.


P.s. Points for the George Clooney pictures in the ladies room.



Address: 16 Shagaret Al Dor, Zamalek (by Auntie Anne's)


Phone: + 202 27371224


Facebook Page: Ney Lounge Facebook


Google Maps Pin: Ney Lounge


Shisha: Yes


Meal prices: $$


Drink prices: Do not serve alcohol, but serves some fancy and colourful fruit cocktails