Restaurant Sequoia, Zamalek


Last updated September 2015



On the northern tip of Zamalek you'll find this beautifully decorated restaurant where all tables come with a Nile view. Sequoia is one of Cairo's most exclusive restaurants - mainly because of the scenery, partially because of the drinks, but most certainly not because of the food.


The place is quite famous and probably in the top-5 of most exclusive restaurants in Cairo due to its location. Sequoia describes their cuisine as Mediterranean, and is the classic Egyptian interpretation of European food with an oriental twist. It is fair to say that the bland and often overcooked food is extremely overcharged, but who cares when you can sit in those comfy chairs with a panoramic view over the Nile. The menu includes charcoal grilled dishes and has a fairly impressive selection of mezzas (26-58LE++), which all comes in large potions perfect for sharing. The grilled Seafood Selection (132LE++) is definitely not worth the price but yet good if you take into account the general level of seafood in Cairo.


The cocktails are usually high standard and range between 50 to 80LE+tax, which is almost cheap compared to the food prices. The restaurant employs a small army of walaas (shisha boys) who all take the art of preparing a shisha very serious, they can be quite cheeky though and try to give you new coal and tobacco "for free", which they will later try to make you pay for in tips off the check.


Sequoia is always busy at dinner time, but the restaurant is also frequently used for late business lunches. Keep in mind that children are not welcome after 7pm, and on weekend evenings Sequoia has a minimum charge of 200 Le per person.



Opening hours: 12pm - 2am


Address: 53 Abou El Feda St., Zamalek, Cair

Phone: + 202 27350014



Google Maps Pin: Sequoia Zamalek


Meal prices: $$$

Drink prices: $$$


Comfortable seating by the Nile