Dos Cañas, Garden City


Update 4 October 2015: Since Sweet Cairo's visit in September, Dos Cañas has continuesly added a lot of rules and restrictions for visiting their restaurant, such as 350Le minimum charge, max. 10 guest per table, minimum age 25, dress code (no flip flops, shorts or tanktops and other secret rules that only the bouncer knows), and a couple of other things. we recommend to have a look at their facebook page before visiting in case any other rules have been added.



September 2015


The intimate rooftop tapería opened recently in Garden City and Sweet Cairo loves it already. But we are easy to convince when a restaurant combines the elements of rooftop view, tasty food, sangria and professional service.


Dos Cañas has around 10 neatly decorated tables in their open restaurant that has a spectacular view over the Nile and the city skyline. The menu invites you to order a selection of their tasty tasty tapas and share it amongst your friends, which we at Sweet Cairo think is an excellent way of getting to try all the great dishes. We recommend the Salmon Fishcakes (75LE), the Mini Sliders (69LE) and the fried seafood plate (91LE). Dos Cañas also has a solid selection for vegetarians with dishes such as fried spicy potatoes (39LE) and salads (25LE-43LE). In our opinion, the only downfall was the tiny, slightly dry and boring mushroom bruschetta (39LE). The dishes are predominantly from the Spanish and Mediterranean kitchen, but with an oriental twist by their use of spices such as cumin and turmeric and with dishes such as Prawn Biryani (85LE) and Chicken Tikka Salad (66LE). The combination is interesting and works well for the hot Cairo summer nights.


The drinks menu offers several good options that all goes well with the Spanish-fusion dishes. In addition to the solid selection of classic cocktails such as Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea and Amaretto Sour (80LE-110LE) Dos Cañas also serve a killer Sangria by the jug. We personally liked the Rosé Sangria (250LE) better than the Red Sangria (270LE). The restaurant also serves draft Heineken (45LE), Stella/Sakkara bottles (37/38LE), Egyptian wine by the glass (55LE-70LE) and bottle (185LE-350LE) as well as freshly made juice (30LE)


The stunning view makes Dos Cañas the perfect venue for a date with someone special or a celebration of any kind. Sweet Cairo happened to be visiting Dos Cañas for a birthday celebration and the staff was very accommodating and helpful with arranging and serving our birthday cake. The staff was in general very attentive and made sure that we were never missing anything and was quick to bring us fresh plates when needed. Dos Cañas has been very busy since its opening and it is recommended to call and book a table in advance.


FYI: Sweet Cairo does not inform the restaurants that we visit about our intentions of writing a review and we do under no circumstances accept any special treatment or free food as we are perfectly capable of paying for our own dinners. If we recommend a restaurant it is because we genuinely like the place and want to share our excitement with others.



Opening hours: 6PM - 1AM (weekdays) 2AM (weekends)

Food prices: Tapas vegetables 35-43LE, Fish 59-91LE, Meat 47-75LE

Drink prices: Beer 38LE, Bottle of Wine 185-350LE, Fresh Juice 30LE + tax and service charge

Minimum Charge: 350Le


Address: ‎ Same building as Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (Building next to Taboula), El Moustashar Mohammed Fahmy El Sayed, Garden City, Cairo

Phone: 0227929443



Google Maps Pin: Dos Cañas