The Ultimate Guide to Mugamma

How you get your tourist visa extended for 3 month in Egypt


June 2015


Don't worry. I know you are afraid, but in two days this will be all over and you will sit at Horreya with your friends and look back on the whole thing and laugh together. Because we have all been there.


What to Bring. Mugamma is all about preparation and in order to be fully equipped for your Mugamma mission remember the following:

1. Passport.

2. Copies of your passport: A copy of the ‘info’ page in your passport + a copy of the page with your recent visa. If you don't have access to a printer this can easily be done in the front lobby of Mugamma if you are prepared to queue up ‘Egyptian style’ for a 10-15 minutes. My advice is to save your energy for the real fights on 1st floor and make the copies in advance if you can.

3. A passport photo.

4. A pen.

5. Conservative clothing if you are a girl: The last thing you need to be stressed out about is harassment.

6. Don't bring a camera: Otherwise the security staff in the entrance will take it from you. But don’t worry; you’ll get it back. I think.


Day 1

1. Enter the giant soviet-like building. Get there early, 9am is recommendable.

2. Get in line to copy your passport if you have not prepared this from home. Copies should be 50p pr. Page.

3. Go up one floor and turn right when you have passed the security staff.

4. Follow the hallway until you enter the room with all the little window booths.

5. Walk down to the brown counter in the middle of the long room (opposite the windows) and get your visa form.

6. Fill out the visa application.

7. Go back to the stamp window nr. 43 in the beginning of the room and buy the stamps for your visa. Price should be around 11.20 LE, but show the man your visa application so he knows what you need the stamps for and he will know how much you need. You would think.

8. Go down in the other end of the room to the ‘tourist res’ windows nr 13 & 14 and give the lady your passport along with the application, stamps and your picture. She will most likely tell you to come back the day after and show up at window nr. 38 called ‘Visa processing’.


Day 2

This is when it gets interesting.

1. 9am at window nr. 38 ‘Visa processing’.

2. Hand the lady your passport. She will match it up with the application that you handed in yesterday.

3. She will tell you to come back at 1pm. Same window (in this time you can explore Downtown or chill in a café – try benos at 49 Mohamed Mahmoud)

4. 1pm at window nr. 38

5. You are now at the final and most terrifying step. You need to pick up your passport …but you are probably not the only one. I will now mentally prepare you for the psychological terror you will be going through the next 40-60 minutes. The small woman on the small chair behind the glass window will be holding up people’s application for about 3 seconds at a time and if you think you got a glimpse of yours - through the masses of people who are all fighting to get up front - you scream. Scream at the top of your lungs and hope that a friendly soul in front of you will inform the small lady that a screaming lunatic in the back recognised her awkward passport photo.


You take the lead of the crowd and start moving your way through the masses while, when the lady holds up an application, you yell out the nationality or name of the application to the hordes of people. This will give you the masses recognition that you are trying to help every one, which will help you move closer to the lady, which will not only make you capable of seeing your application when it emanates, but also help everyone else getting out of that godforsaken place as soon as possible.


You should now have a sticker in your passport allowing you to stay for 3 months as a tourist.




Opeing hours: Sunday-Thursday from aprox 8.30am to aprox 3.30pm



Mugamma, Tahrir Square, Down Town, Cairo

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One month turist entry visa from the airport, which has now increased to $25